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a poem

(Inspired by Vasili Zhukovskii’s poem “The sea”)

The sea is free, infinite and infinitely beautiful. Southern seas are warm. They hug you as a soft blanket. It feels as if your body is part of the sea.

The northern seas are so different from hour to hour, day to day, season to season. They are fresh, liberating, bold and free. The coldness of the sea, the salt, the sand grains in the wind, all cut the skin as a razor making you want to return to it in the memories and in the body again and again and again. It comforts with its beauty, but makes your spirit restless, longing for something unknown and something more and beyond.

Many years ago there lived a goddess. She was very beautiful and her beauty was as a shining razor. Everyone who saw her got stunned and petrified. Her beauty was infinite. Her spirit was rebellious and infinite too, and the body of the goddess felt too small for it.  

Seeing her struggle the gods felt mercy and freed her spirit. They separated the spirit from the body. Her body became the southern sea and her spirit turned into the northern sea. Thousands of years they have been separated and still longing to each other – the southern sea calm, glowing and comforting, the northern sea still rebellious and comforting in its liberation.

The gods gave them though a chance to get united – they gave them the sky.



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