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Once there was a fairy. She was very light and had a golden green shimmer. From the very first days of her life she admired the world around her. Her admiration with it grew from day to day. She thought that if she became a single whole with the world she could enjoy its beauty even when she sleeps. One day the fairy fell asleep and turned invisible. She dissolved in the air. It surprised the little fairy that that did not give her the sense of completeness she was dreaming for. She was everywhere but at the same time she was nowhere.

The fairy did not have any other dream and could not even hope for changing again. So, sad, she floated in the air seeing the world but not really being part of it. The form did not distract her anymore and the fairy could have all the time for observing and thinking. She saw the sun warming the earth, clouds watering the crops, mothers calming the babies, friends giving birthday presents to each other. And one day she realized what she must dream about and the fairy turned to the Guayacán tree.

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